The Introduction


Everyone knows the physical ways HIV/AIDS affect those that are diagnosed, but not a lot of people can understand or want to understand the mental ways that having HIV. Looking through the quilt panel that I had it made me want to give people a little more of an understanding of what people go through when they find out that they have HIV/AIDS. Looking at Fletcher’s quilt what made me want to write on this specific topic was the letter. The letter was written by a partner or a close friend of Fletcher. As i was reading the letter I saw the emotion that was behind the letter, the friend kind of battled his emotion on the death of Fletcher.He even said how that since he died he has been drinking a lot more, but he said it in a very joking way which is showing me that he was very conflicted about how he was feeling and did not know how to properly respond.

What I basically want to get across to everyone though this website is to explain how having AIDS/HIV can affect people mentally. When i say people I mean everyone including family members of those who have been diagnosed and the ones who have been diagnosed.  Studies have shown that in most cases when people are diagnosed with HIV/AIDS they go into depression. I just want to properly explain what goes on inside the mind of people who are living with AIDS/HIV. A lot of people are not as open to sharing their personal lives and a lot of people have mixed feelings about having the illness. Most people when they find out are very embarrassed which is normal and they want o hide the fact that the have the illness to avoid being embarrassed. For me when finding out news concerning my health is hard enough, but to do it alone is even worse I want to be able to have family around.

This project to me has become a little more personal because in the beginning I feel like i was one of those people who would hide out in the background judging people who actually have the illness and doing this project has made me realize how bad that is. By doing this project it will open up people’s eyes to how those who are diagnosed with AIDS/HIV are still normal people who just have to do a little bit more to keep their body functioning correctly. It is important to see and understand what they go through that way people who are like how I used to be can be more sensitive.