Stigma Brings About Death

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Avert is a website that I decided to use as one of my sources. It is a HIV/AIDS charity in the UK that gives information to the world about HIV/AIDS. On the Avert website i found out that Stigma is one of the main reasons HIV/AIDS patients have dies especially  in the late 80’s and 90’s. Stigma is disgrace and because of all the disgrace in the society it lead to people being “pushed into the margins of society”,because poverty and fear decrease accessing health care. If you can not access healthcare then you won’t be able to get the medicine you need in order to keep the disease under control. “My daughter refused to go hospital to receive medicines. My daughter died because of the fear of stigmatization and discrimination.”  One of the main reasons getting HIV/AIDS  is so hard for people to grasp is because people are afraid of what others might think of them. The world has put such a negative view and attitude on HIV/AIDS that it has caused people who have the illness to stay away from meds because they do not want their closed ones or anyone to find out.


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Stigma in my opinion is just fear, people were and still are a fearful of getting AIDS so they do anything possible to avoid getting AIDS. “The fear surrounding the emerging HIV epidemic in the 1980’s largely persists today. At that time, very little was known about how HIV is transmitted, which made people scared of those infected due to fear of contagion.” This is just providing evidence that people back then and today are still afraid to get AIDS so they act out in  ways because they don’t understand entirely what can cause AIDS so they avoid all contact and want nothing to do with it. AIDS can be a very scary thing so I understand how people feel about it, but there has to be an end to the deaths just to avoid people finding out. When people hide the fact that they have HIV or suspect, but are too afraid to get tested they risk the disease becoming hard to cure and turn into AIDS which causes a quicker death.