Society Effects on AIDS Patients

HIV/AIDS has always been a very touchy subject towards people those affected and unaffected. When doing some research I saw how badly people have treated those who have been diagnosed with HIV. What i am trying to get out here is that what people have done towards people who have had AIDS has actually had an affect on them. I have even been guilty of doing this.

In the majority of cases when patients are diagnosed with HIV/AIDS they start to become sad and emotional. A lot of people when they think about the disease they immediately think about  grief because they are trying to think how they are going to spend the rest of their life living with the illness and how to share it with others. According to The U.S. National Library it says that  moving on with your life after you learn that you have HIV it brings about depression. This is because moving on with your life involves telling other people about your illness. The U.S. National Library of Medicine was founded by Patricia Flatley Brennan, RN, PhD, she graduated from the University of Pennsylvania. She studied Nursing and Engineering and graduated with a masters degree. She created this scholarly website in order to give out information to people using the internet.  The thing about having AIDS is that its almost impossible to keep your illness a secret. I think that this is relevant because a while back when I first learned about what HIV/AIDS  was i did not want anything to do with people who had the disease which kind of meant I had a mindset like people back in the 90’s. People like me are the reason people with HIV/AIDS are depressed and feel rejected. I feel like if people handled the situation a little more delicately then and now then people would not feel so depressed and resort to killing them selves. The illness brings on a lot of problems itself it doesn’t need us to make the patient feel worse. In the U.S. National Library of Medicine it said that depression symptoms include cutting yourself off from people, guilt, and etc.  I found out that 50% of the 35% of countries that have data of HIV/AIDS have reported that they have experienced discriminatory acts due to the fact of their HIV /AIDS status. A lot of people are denied the proper health care services due to the fact that they have HIV/AIDS. These types of behaviors are one of the factors that cause death among HIV/AIDS patient.


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