How We Can Overcome Stigma

HIV/AIDS is not an easy pill to swallow a lot comes a long with HIV/AIDS and one of the biggest things is stigma. From the recent page we all know that stigma is one of the biggest reasons why people do not go and get tested if they believe they have or at risk of getting HIV/AIDS. A lot of times if left untreated  HIV can quickly turn into AIDS  and AIDS left untreated leads to a quicker death. Today a lot of people who know of someone or have the disease themselves are trying to create ways for the stigma to stop. We want people who need to be tested in order to get the help that they need to be able to do so with out the discrimination which brings upon depression.


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The first way to get rid of stigma is programs for people to have a better understanding of the disease. People believe in a lot of myths involving  HIV/AIDS which is where the stigma started.  If people are more knowledgeable about the factors of HIV/AIDS then they will be more understanding to people and what they are going through. On the scholarly website called E health founded by the University of South Hampton  it said that when you have the programs that help the people who are not HIV infected it makes them less fearful. Like I said before of the previous page stigma is derived from fear. People did not want to catch the Disease and they did’t understand what exactly was causing the epidemic so they just wanted to protect themselves. “The main causes of stigma relate to incomplete knowledge, fears of death and disease, sexual norms and a lack of recognition of stigma.” What this evidence is saying is that people can cause stigma without knowing it which is why getting people involved in social groups will help them be more aware of their stigma behaviors and try to be more careful.


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The second way to overcoming stigma is to receive healthcare assistance in a confidential office. This is for people who believe they are at risk of being HIV/AIDS positive. This would help because a lot of people are afraid to face discrimination. More and more people today would rather sit and let the disease worsen rather to go and get help, and everyone finding out about them.  On another website I found called ‘verywellhealth’ founded by George Edward Barton who was an architect and a patient of tuberculosis stated that people who sit around who believe they are at risk of HIV/AIDS will increase their anxiety if they do not seek out testing.  Another thing that goes along with getting health care confidentially is joining an AIDS hotline that have supporters, doctors, and therapist who can all help people. A lot of people who have HIV/AIDS whether rich or poor can understand what others are going through and can offer words of wisdom towards  one another that can help someone physically or mentally.

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The last way to overcoming stigma is to stand up to it. This might be the hardest solution in my opinion. The best way to do this is to tell your family and friends first, they might come at you with a lot of questions that may seem offensive, but you have to remember that they don’t know and they just are trying their best to understand. In most cases HIV/AIDS patients family members are going to have fear for their own lives when dealing with this, but all you have to do is let them know and squash the myths about the disease. Family are the best people to have by your side when you are going through something rough so it’s best if you let them know so they know how to help you.