The Quilt Panel

Jerry Wayne Fletcher’s panel has a background of denim fabric with a white fabric outlining it on the outskirts. It has old pictures of him in different areas that he has lived. In the center of the panel has a pressed and sown plaid shirt and pink suspends and campfire is on mid section of the plaid shirt . On top of that shirt  going across the chest area in gold bold caps letters spells out Fletch which is short for Fletcher. Looking at the photo it appears that Fletcher had a love for plaid. At the bottom left of the pink suspenders is 4 pictures not in a row kind of making a square. They are pictures of Fletcher in different outside locations he looks very happy in those photos and they are kind of discolored like photos from the 80’s/90’s were. At top and center is the word Alaska in gold in a rectangle with mountains covered with snow on the top in it. Underneath the the rectangle is a yellow license plate from Alaska. I believe he lived in Alaska and he must’ve really loved Alaska. Next to the license plate is a red bandanna. The whole quilt to me represents things that he loved in the majority of what he loved was being in Alaska there is even a picture of him going skiing to the left of the license plate . Along with loving Alaska Fletcher was a drag queen underneath the flannel shirts are 2 pictures of Fletcher as a drag queen and one of him standing somewhere inside of a wood kind of building. That seem kind of older because they have faded colors. A yellow rectangle is beneath the three pictures with words on the act on the inside with his full name stating where he was born and where he died. He was born on May, 25, 1949 in Bytheville Arkansas and he died on June, 8, 1993 in Atlanta. Underneath that rectangle is a typed letter from a close friend that Fletcher had explaining his grief and how is dealing with his grief now that Fletcher is gone. In the letter he also talks about how he didn’t actually think that Fletcher was going to die from this and he thought that he was going to overcome it. At the end of the letter it is signed in pen in cursive and I can’t translate the name.   







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